Monday, May 28, 2012

Film of Israt Pasha, comments by Ralph Dumain

An American-Bengladeshi film-student at Brooklyn Tech completed her "final film" and invited us to her class for a group showing.  I enjoyed meeting her teacher, Bruce, who was about to retire. Esperantist, Ferdinand Cesarano was also there. A few students were there, including one of Israeli background, showing a film about her family.  Here is Ralph Dumain's interesting review of the film, linked to Israt's work. Ralph is also interviewed in the film. Israt had interviewed me and Renata Ventura in the UEA-NY  Office.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Multi-religious site in Esperanto.

Robert Poort, a Dutchman, linving numerous years in the USA, is in the process of building an ecumenical site, including numerous religions, some with a history of supporting Esperanto.

An radical-right leaning-- protestant site also uses Esperanto via comics:

I discovered the above site from a  slightly amusing site:

One of the largest exhibits on the use of Esperanto for spiritual or religious purposes occurred in the small city, Svitavy, and hour from Prague.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Miaj plej gravaj principoj rilatas al kiel plej pace, sane trakti INFANOJN. Yahoo demandas respektata organizo: en kiuj landoj kreskas infanoj plej sekure, sane, edukite kaj intelegente? La organizo, Savu la Infanojn/Save the Children influis min kiel juna plen-kreskulo, kiam mi donacis kvaronon de mia mono al gxi, kaj lastatempe kiam mi volantulas cxe UNO, mi konstatas ke gxi restas tre vigla organizo en pluraj landoj kaj konatigxis kun gxia reprezentaro. Unu el la fontoj de mia amo al Esperanto estas ke ni, esperantistoj, povas kompari kondicxojn de la mondo. La angla font-lingvo indikas la la cxefa lando de la angla lingvo, usono, malbone traktas siajn infanojn. Usono rangigxas je la 25 loko. Cxefe skandinavaj  landoj apud Kanado, Au'stralio, Britio, kaj Novzelando staras en la unuaj dek lokoj. TIO estas unu el la cxefaj kialoj ke mi NENIAM subtenos la MALSANIGAN disvastigon de la angla/usona propagando. Dankon al SAVE THE CHILDREN denove.

My biggest concerns are how children can live peacefully and healthy. Yahoo questions a well-respected organization: In which lands did children and mother grow most secure, in good health, and well-educated.  The organization, Save the Children, influenced me as a young adult, when I donated a quarter of my wealth to it, and more recently when seeing that Save the Children is active at the United Nations, where I saw its representatives at UNICEF meetings.  The USA has ranked at the 25th place (being in the 31st place in a previous year).  Scandinavian lands consistently rank high.  Several English speaking countries: Canada, Australia and Britain also rank high.  I will continue to support Esperanto as a Second Language, knowing that much of the information in English is mere propaganda from the USA. Thanks to Save the Childrens.

I Polish teacher is maintaining her school site bilingually:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

We Shall Overcome/Joan Baez/Quakers

I discovered that Joan Baez followed the Quaker tradition. She sung We Shall Overcome. She should sing it in Esperanto.  Here is a nice version: