How would your ideal world look? Is there room for diversity? democracy?

I have been writing at several international websites and my own blogs but I haven't felt I can fully express myself on several important topics. I would like to attract idealists, philosophers, and practical people who are making the world better (for nearly everone!), after learning about most of the major alternatives? Would parenting and early childhood education be a top priority?   Is there something from Capitalism we can take? or something from Communism? (Kibutzim?) Can we maintain a healthy environmental Social Democracy?  Do we need unions? Can we organize peacefully?  Do we need small workers' strikes to get to utopia? Large workers' strikes? Can freedom of speech in public schools exist or be encouraged? Can we maintain freedom of speech?  Can we encourage all to finish high-school in the near future? Will computors be used for peace--after its creation for war? Can we live in peace? Where and when will Esperanto come into use?  Must we educate respect for physical labor and sports? Might we do these simultaneously? These are questions I would like to answer with loads of feedback. Since I plan to rarely write more than one page in one writing, I hope the comments/responses could stay within a similar reasonable size.  I will also be searching for similar blogs?  I may seek serious collaborators who would like to share this blog as theirs--perhaps with the intent to create a web-site.  I may summerize in Esperanto occasionally. I may welcome some Esperanto comments and translate to English. I'd like to debate significantly with Americans--who think the USA has most of the best answers.