Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teddy Lowenkopf in his 60's and 90's in Israel. His writings.

I had the oportunity to spend time with the talkitive librarian of the Galil Region of Israel, Teddy Lowenkopf, when he was about 65 years old and when he was 92 (April 2013): He would talk about many subjects during my visits and he wrote on diverse subject in Esperanto. Why he learned Esperanto to American politics.
Artikolaro de plej agxa israela esperantisto, Teddy Lowenkopf, en kibuco sur Lago Galileo: 

He was still bicycling at age 92. The oldest living male Esperanto speaker in Israel. 

En aprilo 2013 li ankorau' biciklis je agxo 92