Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Servas, Couching Surfing, Hospitality Club, Passporta Servo, Amikeca Reto for Esperanto

Hi, I'm Neil. I am 60 years old and when I was more independent (living by myself) 

hosted dozens of people via Pasporta Servo, an Esperanto language hosting service 

in publication in paper since the 1960's and on-line for over a decade.  Esperanto 

speakers are generally multicultural people who speak several languages, as myself: 

I'm conversant in Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Arabic. Esperanto is the easy 

bridge that facilitates a unique way of meeting the world. I'm sure numerous 

Couchsurfers think similarly to the Esperanto community. The founder of SERVAS 

also took an Esperanto name in sympathy to the easy language. Hospitality Club 

includes an Esperanto translation to its website. Several Esperanto meetings occur in 

New York City monthly and for over a century. We regularly have foreign guests and 

foreign-born immigrant-members in NYC who speak Esperanto.

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