Wednesday, May 12, 2010

War on Moms

Sharon Lerner may have not chosen the title of her new book which puts the United States in 98th place on issues like child care and maternity/paternity leave, but it makes a point. I was able to discuss the book with her after she spoke in a Village, New York City book store, Three Lives, around the corner from where I live. Melinda was also there.
She explored Holland's social support system, but acknowledged that Sweden and perhaps all of Scandinavia is a notch above Holland's very good conditions. She asked the twenty-five participants why is it that the US is toward the bottom of the barrel on social/family support? I asked if could it be that the status of English as a world language makes Americans and many others think we are the best? She said she would explore this issue, but doesn't know right now.

She noted that all industrial countries have better conditions for maternity leave than the US and several third world countries have superior conditions than US mothers.

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