Friday, May 24, 2013

Elstaraj gxis-dataj statistikoj pri PAGITAJ libera tempo/ferioj/festoj en industria mondo--Great stats on PAID free time/vacations/holidays in the Industrial world

As a retired US teacher with nearly 2 month vacations, I feel that vacations are essential to the mental well-being of the individual, to the well-being of the traditional family of a husband, wife and two children (allowing quality time of the individuals and the whole family to relax together), to the well-being of international relations, since vacations allow for travel and direct contacts of all nations and classes, reducing prejudices around the world.

Please note how United States-American citizens have no rights and are in another class of being, even totally different than other English speaking countries, such as Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I didn't always know how different the USA-lifestyle was from the rest of the native English-speaking world. (Note: Canada is officially bilingual.)

Besides Canada's 10 paid vacation days it has 9 paid holidays, resembling much more Europe than its neighbor to the south.

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