Monday, April 14, 2014

Unitarian "Action for Justice" Committee Supports Boycott of Israel

The Jewish speaker at Community Church says he has to criticize Israeli occupation of Palestinean Territories because American-USA money pays for it. He says that he can't make other human atrocities (ex. Central Republic of Africa) or non-democratic happenings around the world a priority cause so much money is given to Israel in Foreign aid.  He's just being a proud Jew.


Is there a Palestinian-Israeli conflict or an Arab-Muslim vs. Israel Conflict?

He doesn't mention another Arab or Moslem country in distress. Revolutions and counter revolutions. He doesn't mention the fact that most women in Muslim countries have zero participation in their decision-making process.  Half of the women are denied literacy in Egypt, Yemen and Muslim Pakistan. The most prominent Pakistani female politition was killed with nobody brought to Justice.

The United States has been supporting Egypt only second to Israel. Egypt, with over 80.000.000 population is the second largest recipient of foreign aid/military aid. Egypt is nearly half the Arab world. Egypt, for our younger reader, went to war several times with Israel.

What keeps Israeli occupying the West Bank. What dominates Israel's right wing?

One million Jews migrating from Russia (mostly 1970-1990) turned the tide. But what did Russian Jews suffer in Russia in the Soviet Union? Do we have a problem with Russia? The United States is again at war with Russia in Syria. Russia support Bashir Assad while the United States and its NATO ally, Turkey support the Sunni-Domant Free Syrian Army.

In 2000 just before the Second Intifada, Israel was offering the return of 90% of the captured territories and employing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian youth in Israeli industry. I read this in Israeli media with Arab friends while in Israel. The following months ended these offers.

My ex-wife, a religious Jew from Iran, will have nothing to do with this conversation. Nor will most of the 4.000.000 grandchildren of Jews pushed out of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya (unually known as Tripoli or Benghazi a century ago), Egypt, Yemen and Iraq or out of Muslim countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. The majority of these Jews lost homes and property exceeding the value of lost Palestinian property.  How many of hundreds of years was present day Israel and Palestine under Ottoman/Turkish control? What's their responsibility in the Palestinian conflict?

Iran, which is a VERY scientific country, uniquely has educated most of its women. They are not in leading positions in government. But I do believe it has half its population hating its own government. More than half.  Its government has repeatedly denied the Holocaust and threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

Now the extremes of Sunni opposition to Iran are also attacking the Free Syrian Army. The USA considers talking to Iran.  All of Europe, the USA and Canada oppose a nuclear Iran. Who trusts Irans claim to use PEACEFUL NUCLEAR, an oxymoron.  I OPPOSE NUCLEAR POWER.

We can let Jewish critics of Israel come in a simplify the extremely unstable Middle East. Israeli is wrong the Arab and Palestinians have always been victim.

EVERYBODY LIKES A BLACK AND WHITE STORY. EASY TO UNDERSTAND. There is no EASY solution in the Middle East. Boycotting Israel, the only country offering leadership position to its women, the only democracy. I acknowledege that the several FEMALE members of the Unitarian Church, who organized the event on Sunday the 13th, 2014 are displaying their TOTAL ignorace of how they would not be accepted in 90% of the Middle East by choose to criticise the only country where they could POSSIBLY live, Israel.

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