Friday, April 29, 2011

The Business of Lawyers and Law Schools

In the New York Times article "Is Law School a Losing Game" (David Segal), Sunday Business section, January 9, 2011 it points to significant lying on the part of law schools to convince potential students to pay 250,000 US Dollars (on loan) to get a law degree. The professors are well-paid. However in 2008 15,000 jobs as lawyers disappeared. The US News and Report magazine annual article recently indicating that 93 percent of lawschool student are employed 9 months after graduation does not include what percent of these grads are working in irrelevant work in hotels and restaurants. The numbers are not so clear but would shock most of us, if we only knew.

Considering that lawyers usually become our politicians in the United States, it's my opinion that we are preparing them for that word play and movie "Lawyer-Lyer". They will have to commit unimaginable competition, deception and lies to get a job, and pay back these loans, if the supply of lawyers and law schools is not reduced.

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