Friday, January 20, 2012

NYTimes Nicholas Kristof on Europe and Bilingualism

This is my comment, among 275 comments on this article:

I enjoyed this article and plan to translate it. I also enjoyed another article you wrote about the

importance of learning a foreign language, for example Spanish. My 1226 friends at Facebook

(and 13,000 in groups) will surely find it interesting.They live in every country of Europe. I

have visited hundreds of them in most European countries, thanks to the language we have in

common, the source of most of my knowledge during travels to 34 countries: Esperanto.

Seeing first hand how children are raised in Scandianavia with 12 months or 18 months

(Sweden) of maternity-paternity leave taught me the value of love of family preached here by

conservatives, but practiced only there.

Part of our problem remains our mono-lingual status, source of infinite ignorance. (Kristof's article on the need to be bilingual, be it with Spanish or Chinese. )

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  1. "Rien n'arrête une idée dont le temps est venu." Victor Hugo. I'll say "Time will tell", as Jimmy Cliff was singing. It's time to teach esperanto in all schools all around the world. That will make children learn other languages easier. I really hope esperanto will finally get the respect, regard, importance it is worth.