Monday, March 12, 2012

Esperanto for Youth Hostels and Backpackers

An English language discussion on the usefulness of Esperanto for backpackers and youth hostelers.

I had the pleasure of talking to Josh Cohen, a founder of the web-site.

Angla-lingva diskuto pri la utileco de Esperanto cxe junular-gastejoj. Sam-tempe mi malkovris Junular-gastejon en Ekvadoro

Here is a hostel in Ecuador named "Esperanto".

Halfway between Oslo and Stockholm is the Esperanto-Garden Hostel, often used by Esperanto speakers.

Josh's visit to New York with Neil / Josh vizitas Novjorkon kun Nijl.

The Lost Hosteler in Australia-Film-

The newest Hotel with the name Esperanto is in Bialystok, Poland.,19617,hotel-esperanto-bialystok.html

Other cities with Hotel Esperanto's are 1) Fulda, Germany 2) Cannes, France 3) Selce, Croatia, 4) Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and 5) Swidnicy, Poland

The new Bialystok Hotel Esperanto uses Esperanto also at its website:

For decades the European (German) based organization Nature Friend had a strong relationship with Esperanto.  There are about a 1.000 rural and suburban community centers-guest rooms. I used at least one.  The paper newspaper in Esperanto was called La Migranto (The Migrant.)
 Dum jardekoj estis oficiala ligo de gxi kun Esperanto: Revivigu Esperanto fako kun Natur-amikoj.

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