Monday, December 17, 2012

The Middle East Secret: Arab Jews

  • Neil Blonstein There is one ignored factor that will make the Middle East conflict

     eternal: While Israel is accused of being merely a product of the Holocaust with

     European Jews mistreating local Arabs in Palestine, these Holocaust victims and

     their ancestors are often the most flexible of Israelis: Those ignored are the

     3,500,000 refugee-immigrants, children and grandchildren from Morocco, Iraq, 

    Iran, Yemen and other Arab or Muslim-majority countries. While I don't always

     agree with Israeli behavior, these Jews from Muslim countries feel ignored by the 

    world community, deserve as much as the Palestinians in assistance and attention.

     Until they are dealt with there will NOT be considerable compromise or dialogue.

     (NB:I would estimate that as much as a quarter of Israeli-Jews have one parent

     from Europe and on parent from lets say Iraq.)

  • Neil Blonstein Simplifying an on-going problem to "he's wrong, I'm right"

     will be a total


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